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10 simple steps to create your dream pantry

The task of organising and decluttering your pantry can seem a bit daunting at first, so we've put together 10 simple steps to help you get started - sometimes the hardest part is actually just starting! You will never regret organising your pantry and creating systems to help ensure it stays that way. 

1. Take everything out of your pantry (yes, everything!)

2. Wipe down all shelves with hot soapy water (you'll be surprised how much dust can accumulate...)

3. Discard any items that have expired (again, you'll be surprised how many sauces, oils and spreads are actually past their use by date)

4. Group all "similar" items together e.g. baking ingredients, rice/grains, nuts/seeds, coffee/tea, oils/vinegars, snacks/packet items etc. 

5. Write a supermarket list for any items that need topping up or replacing.

6. Decant all dry ingredients such as flour, sugar, rice, oats, nuts, seeds, herbs & spices into your Glass & Bamboo Jars 

7. Place any snacks, packet items, potatoes, onions and garlic into baskets. Our Square Basket Set would be great for these items. 

8. Decant oils & vinegars into our handy Glass Oil Bottles. They make pouring the perfect amount of oil so easy!

9. Label, label, label! Make sure everything has a label; this will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for in an instant.

10. Place everything back into your pantry, ensuring you are grouping all "similar" items together (as you have done in step 4 above). 

Now enjoy that sense of satisfaction and happiness you will get every time you open your newly organised pantry!