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7 creative ways to use our baskets

Our baskets are perfectly versatile for use in any room in your home. Here's 7 ways we love to use them in our home...

1. Storing fresh produce

The perfect solution for storing fruit and veges. Bring to your local market and fill up with fresh produce, or use at home instead of a fruit bowl!

2. A home for our Herb & Spice Set 

Super handy when cooking; simply grab the basket from the pantry and bring to your cooking station for easy access to all the herbs & spices you may need. 

3. A handy basket for cleaning products 

Simply store all your cleaning products in our baskets for ease when cleaning different areas of your home. They are super easy to pick up and hold when you are on the go!

4. Skincare & makeup essentials 

Keep your favourite skincare and makeup products organised and easy to find in our baskets. Your daily skincare ritual has never looked so glam!

5. Your favourite breakfast spreads 

Breakfast has never been so easy! Simply store your favourite spreads in one of our baskets and pop onto the bench each morning for easy access. 

6. Even your cans can look stylish

You can even make your cans look stylish by storing them in our baskets. The perfect way to group everything together so you can easily find what you're looking for. 

7. Healthy hair 

Never forget a step in your haircare regime! Store all protective sprays, hair treatments and spare shampoo & conditioner in one of our handy baskets. 

There are so many creative ways to use our beautiful baskets...we hope we have inspired you to start your organisation journey with us!