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Creating a stylish and functional fridge: Container solutions for every shelf

Feeling overwhelmed with what's inside your fridge? Does your produce go off before you've had a chance to use it? Can't find what you're looking for? If you answered yes to any of the above, keep reading for our handy fridge organisation guide...


1. Remove all items from your fridge 

2. Throw away any expired items or anything that you haven't used in the last month (if you haven't used it in the last month, chances are you won't use it again)

3. Take out your fridge shelves and wipe them down with hot soapy water 

4. Invest in some high quality Fridge Containers to help keep your fridge organised and functional

5. When putting everything back into your fridge, ensure you label all containers and group similar items together, e.g. dairy, meat, fruit, veges, leftovers etc. 


1. Stackable: stackable fridge containers mean you can fit so much more inside your fridge, plus you can still easily see what produce you have without having to move everything in order to reach the back of your fridge!

2. Drainage tray: having a drainage tray means you can wash your fresh produce, then pop them straight into the containers and any excess water will drip through the drainage tray and prevent anything from sitting in water and going off 

3. Air vent: allows for optimal ventilation to ensure your produce stays fresher for longer 

4. Removable dividers: gives you the option to store two different types of produce within one container, saving space in your fridge whilst keeping your produce fresh 

5. Transparent: allows you to easily see what is inside each container. Also helps with writing the supermarket list each week as you can see what items need topping up and avoid any food wastage