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Spice up your kitchen with our spice jars

Do you find yourself throwing your packets of herbs & spices into one unorganised drawer? Don't worry, you aren't alone! And we are here to help with our step by step guide on how to store your spices so they will stay fresher for longer...

Step 1: Take all your herbs & spices out and put them onto the bench where you can see them 

Step 2: Clean the drawer or shelf they were stored in with hot soapy water

Step 3: Decant your herbs & spices into our durable Glass & Bamboo Spice Jars

Step 4: Label all Spice Jars using our Herb & Spice Labels Set

Step 5: Place your new Spice Jars into your freshly cleaned drawer or shelf, or store next to your kitchen splashback using our Bamboo Spice Rack

Step 6: Enjoy using your lovely new Spice Jars! Your herbs & spices will stay fresher for longer, you'll be able to find exactly what you are looking for when cooking, and they look beautiful displayed in your kitchen or pantry 


100ml Spice Jars: We suggest using our 100ml Spice Jars for standard supermarket packets of herbs & spices - they fit perfectly

200ml Spice Jars: We suggest using our 200ml Spice Jars for larger packets of herbs & spices e.g. Bay Leaves